Free Warranty Services

What is our Free Warranty Service

We will provide free warranty service to our consuemrs within product warranty period if the product meet our Free Warranty Service requirements. In this case consumers are no need to pay any types of maintenance fees such as testing fee, replacement fees or item(s) send-back fees. Consumers should send back their broken items to us. Once received the item(s) our professional tech. team will check item(s) carefully to ensure specific conditions. Please note different products attpbuy01.com may have different warranty periods. Please check with your order details during purchasing.

Applicability for Free Warranty Service

Item(s) have no defective parts, no artificial breakdowns, no destories in package, accessories, user manuals, or have not been activited yet within 7 days (including working days and weekends) since received.

Item(s) were found with obvious defective parts and have not been used yet within 7 days (including working days and weekends) since received.

3 Item(s) logos, product series No. etc have not been damaged.

Consumers must provide order provement, order No. etc.


Please note for the following cases we won't be able to prodive free warranty services to you:

Artificial breakdowns, crashes etc.

Disassemble or adaptations actions that are not stated in product user manual.

Any incorrect installations or operations that are not stated in product user manual

Any incorrect battery usages or circuit transformations that are not stated in product user manual

Any breakdowns that caused by fixing actions from consumer themselves that are not allowed by tpbuy01.com

Any breakdowns due to extreme weather conditions ( typhoon etc.) 

7 Any breakdowns due to strong wireless interferences or electromagnetic environment ( transformer substation etc.)

Any breakdowns due to overwegiht cases of RC products.

Any breakdowns that occurred from using overdated or broken accessories.

10 Any breakdowns due to compatibility issues by using accessories that are not verified by tpbuy01.com

11 Any breakdowns that occurred from using low-battery capacity, or using broken batteries.

12 Obliterated actions of product logos, series numbers etc.

Kind Reminder

1 If in the case of the Exceptions Section above, we will charge relevant fees according to specific cases. 

2 User data or information may be lost during fixing process. Please backup all you data for your RC products before sending it back to us. 

3 Please make sure you have agreed our www.tpbuy01.com Terms and Conditions before submitting your request.

4 Please do not include any credit card information for your product. We will directly contact you for payment if a charge is associated with your service.

Using Notice for RC Products

1 Please check firmware before using DJI RC series to ensure it runs the latest release from DJI. 

2 Please don't over-charge, or over-discharge batteries. Please don't put batteries in high temperature conditions. Please don't throw batteries into fire or water.

Some RC professional models, such as the Original XK Detect X380, are not recommended to RC beginners. If you were a RC beginner, you are strongly suggested to be guided by experienced players.

Some RC models may have age requirements for children who under 8 or 14 years old. In this case it is strongly recommend that children should be assisted by experienced adults or players.

For fixing process request, follow-up or any further technological support about our RC products at www.tpbuy01.com, please contact us by email techsupport@tpbuy01.com with your verified ordering provement, order No. etc.





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