Why Choose RcMoment

Price Advantage 

Although dealers will say their prices are the best, we still firmly believe we can gain your favor for our price. tpbuy01.com owns a variety of suppliers and has driven continuous cost saving program with all sub-tier suppliers. You may have the chance to win giveaway or discount deals if you shop with us. You could also benefit from free shipping for some types of our RC products. 

Products Categories & Modes

tpbuy01.com continuously introducing RC products for advanced art design, reliable quality and unbeatable price to satisfy our customers' demands. We timely track leading sellers in worldwide RC market and continuously communicating with customers for services improvement and products' popularity.

Optimized Shipping Services

tpbuy01.com uses an optimized procedure to shorten overall process for payment order confirmation, sales order printing and shipping. Moreover, our competitive supply chain management system facilitates the shipping process. Averagely, your order will be shipped 24 hours earlier than other sites if you ship with us.

High Quality & Warranty 

tpbuy01.com chooses products based on their excellent designs and proven hardware reliability. Our RC products are not only uniquely designed, but also made with durable materials. Moreover, we have built a professional and comprehensive quality control system. Products will go through IQC (Incoming Quality Control), IPQC (In-process Quality Control) and OQC (Out-going Quality Control) procedures before shipment. We also implement a quality CLCA (Closed Loop Corrective Action) mechanism for quality feedback and continuous quality improvements.

Location Advantage

Our headcopter is at Shenzhen city, China. Shenzhen city has been witnessed a considerable development in its smart electrics such as smartphone, RC quadcopters, virtual reality or camcorders. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella once visit Shenzhen on 24th Sep. 2014. Nadella considered the cooperation between Chinese market and Microsoft enterprise as highly important. Shenzhen now plays a major role in international smart electrics market for its strong productivity and creative innovations. Guangdong province, where most of our Shenzhen manufacturers located, is the highlight of Chinese RC market. 





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